convert images to bitsy rooms, make animated rooms
let me know if something is broken


  • this is a tool for converting rooms drawn in an external editor to bitsy data and creating animated rooms, it's much simpler than image to bitsy or rgbitsy and isn't an alternative to them. you'll need images that are 128x128 and contain only 3 colors
  • don't forget to configure the palette before uploading. make sure all three colors are set to different values, or things will go wrong
  • you can select multiple images when uploading to make an animated room
  • if there is a tile that contains both tile and sprite colors, you'll get both the tile and the sprite, so this can be used with the transparent sprites hack
  • you can edit walls in the viewport
  • if you already have a bitsy project that you want to add your newly generated data to, you can enter a prefix to avoid conflicting ids

Hi! I rarely check this page anymore, but it's cool that people seem to regularly use this little tool even though it's kind of unwieldy. I put some of my games back online a couple of days ago . I was hoping to do that eventually after some tweaks and rewrites, but it just kept not happening. If you're someone who liked them in the past and been wandering where they went, well, they're back for now. I put a short statement in my bio to explain why I'm doing this. If this tool has been useful to you, or you like my games, please read it. (spoiler alert: I am trying to help a charity raise some money, and don't have a better platform for that as a consequence of never investing into an online persona of any kind, very silly of me. Not hoping for any significant impact obviously, just something I thought I could try doing to feel slightly less useless.)

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Thank you for your work and for your position! Being a Ukrainian myself, it means a lot for me to see Russian people helping Ukrainians mitigate the damage that the Russian state has inflicted. Be strong and keep doing the right thing! I hope to see more of your games some day again.

thank you so much for making this tool! it was invaluable in generating a room for my game.


that's nice to hear thank you :^)

Hi, sorry for asking, but what happened to your other games, I'm dying to play them, mostly because I loved the pestilence song, I've been looking for it for several days.

hello! sorry to bother you with this! I'm having some trouble with this tool when I actually paste the data into bitsy to place exits/avatars etc. 

The behaviour:
- if I press "play" (like the preview play) then the button changes to the stop button... but it never stops when I click it

- I can't place the avatar anywhere in a room

- the avatar paint is a bit glitchy - keeps displaying wrong colours, or showing an existing tile, and it changes when I toggle the grid view

- can't add any new tiles or sprites


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do you completely replace the existing data in the editor with the generated data? if yes, i can see two ways this could go wrong. there is no player avatar in your data at all now (the avatar should always be `SPR A`) which causes bitsy to malfunction. you also need to replace the bitsy version number in the data header to whatever the current bitsy version is (it was a bad idea to generate the header here at all, i should remove this to avoid confusing people, sorry)

i hope this helps!

That helps so much, thank you!!! ahh I changed the version number but am not familiar enough with the header info to know that the avatar data exists... before... you paint it haha. but now that I think about what's in there when you start from scratch in bitsy that makes sense. thank you v v much!