convert images to bitsy rooms, make animated rooms
let me know if something is broken


  • this is a tool for converting rooms drawn in an external editor to bitsy data and creating animated rooms, it's much simpler than image to bitsy or rgbitsy and isn't an alternative to them. you'll need images that are 128x128 and contain only 3 colors
  • don't forget to configure the palette before uploading. make sure all three colors are set to different values, or things will go wrong
  • you can select multiple images when uploading to make an animated room
  • if there is a tile that contains both tile and sprite colors, you'll get both the tile and the sprite, so this can be used with the transparent sprites hack
  • you can draw walls in the viewport
  • if you already have a bitsy project that you want to add your newly generated data to, you can enter a prefix to avoid conflicting ids
Updated 23 days ago
Authorhideous cave goblin
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Pixel Art

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