Hi. I've decided to make this game (along with some of the others) public again for a while. It's free, please consider making a donation to https://helpingtoleave.org/ (read my full ""statement""  in profile description).

Switch off your phone. Do not go outside. Do not accept invitations from strangers. Do not turn on your phone. Only trust information obtained via dreams. Avoid panicking if stopped by a police officer. Do not attempt to leave. Avoid thought. Do not stare directly into the sun. Do not stare directly at people. Do not expect anything to happen. 

A reanimated corpse of what was supposed to be my bitsy egg jam entry. I had been putting off finishing it for so long that by the time I finally brought myself to do that, it was without much enthusiasm for what I was making. Still, I had most of the art and music done before the deadline , so it kept feeling like a waste to have them sit on my hard drive and eventually get lost, so I tried to duct tape it all together. I'm not sure I'm too happy with the results.

It's vaguely related to ||[}}}°.•°.°•..°•°[|||{{{ and \\\//\\/\\\///.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to move, walk into things to interact. Due to bitsy's limitations it's probably best if you don't use the right arrow/D to fast forward dialog, or you'll risk accidentally selecting a dialog option ha ha. Three endings, if you care about  things like that.

FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING: when interacting with the TV set after getting the tape, a scene containing a flashing light source will be played. It's very mild, I'm not even sure it counts as one, but it's better to be safe. The action is optional (almost everything in this game is, you can get to an ending in under a minute) and you can avoid it altogether.

Please report any bugs, typos, etc.



bitsy | Adam Le Doux
bitsy hacks | Sean LeBlanc
pixsy | ruin
RGBitsy | janosc


aseprite | David Capello
left | Rekka Bellum & Devine Lu Linvega


Crowd and laser.jpg | Fabric
RepublicGC1.JPG | Dubtech
Docomo D506i open.JPG | TTTNIS
Dropdeadcrowd.jpg | Betterthansex
Gowanus22.JPG | Christopher Sclafani
Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition 2013.jpg | Ccyyrree
Mobile radio telephone.jpg | Hackgillam
Punk-with-strongbow.JPG | Ritzii
Space is at a premium in New Orleans, whether on the street or in the shops.jpg (under CC BY 2.0) | sylvar
Sharp TV VCR combo 20031009.jpg (under CC BY-SA 3.0) | SuperDude115


a fragment of a frame from the film Prince of Darkness (1987,  dir. John Carpenter) appears in this free interactive media software product solely for the purposes of satire, parody and education


some say it has always been here OST.zip 24 MB


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just way too beautiful

Equal parts beautiful, surreal, and foreboding. My thoughts keep coming back to this one; sticks in the mind like a burr.


I love this game, but what is the song at the concert?! It's amazing!

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thank you 5DaysMourning

the music is by me, i guess i might upload the soundtrack later


ok i have now uploaded the soundtrack

Thank you,  hideous cave goblin! You didn't have to do it, but I sincerely thank you for sharing the music.


This was dope <3

thank you Angela He


I love this so much :)


thank you Carrotree33