Hi. I've decided to make this game (along with some of the others) public again for a while. It's free, please consider making a donation to https://helpingtoleave.org/ (read my full ""statement""  in profile description).

Additional note: This is my least favorite thing I have ever made, unfortunately it is also my most popular game. See some say it has always been here for a more successful iteration.

__ __ ______ __ __ ______ ________ __ _    ____  ▒▒▓__ ______ __ __ ______ _________ __ __ __

_____ ________ ______ _____ ____ _ __ ______ __ ________ _ _____ ____ ____ __ ___


  • will take 15-25 minutes
  • this is a game in the renowned 'horror' genre: bad events take place
  • there is sound, or at least there should be (see next note). play with sound if possible. i've seen people complain about some of the effects in this game. they seem okay to me both on earphones and speakers, but i know exactly 0 things about working with sound, so there may be something fundamentally wrong with them, idk. i guess moderate volume is advised if you're going to play this with your headphones on.
  • how to get audio to play in a browser is a mystery, in case of [NO SOUND] try the following: (a) clicking on the page to appease the autoplay restrictions, the sound should start once you move or leave the room; (b) reloading the page and clicking  on it while still at the title screen; (c) playing in a different browser, i guess

made with bitsyborksy + hacks + bitsy room converter

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Made withAseprite, bitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Horror, Narrative, Short, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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The Altar: You have nothing to offer.

Me: Wow... Harsh... but fair.

A copy/paste of my review.

Cosmic Horror - Human Darkness? 

Picture this: Day in, day out. Millions of people all collectively share the same digital space. So many posters talk about their opinions, having discussions or generally posting about their day. Often times it's a screaming match. These voices ebb and flow with the beat of their own drum, never questioning the meaning of their own curse against time. There is no reasoning about it. Result in death—not a physical sense. There is only one voice matter! A credulous one, like acolytes worshipping a god. Fools they are! Worships an amorphous obsessive figurehead that has no face, but it smirks with. A sickly satisfaction...  "͏I ̀h͠a̕v̵e̕ ̶y̕o͟ur ̶obe̸die͢nc̷é..͞.̴"̷


While there isn't much in terms of sound design and a simple two-in-one puzzle. Players are treated with an atmospheric, well-written, thought-provoking pixel game of meaning of what social media has become recently. With strong symbolism—interacting with characters and items throughout Chronotopohobia. One I found as the most impact to me is a defaced magazine with pages ripped out. The item is about removable identity and thought. Chronotopohobia is a powerful message of today's online society, feeling of a personal journey. It's also having strong themes of Cosmic Horror throughout. Many might say Lovecraft-inspired, but there is nothing quite like this one would ever think of by Lovecraft. 

Now, if you excuse me. I'll be signing off from social media for today. The planets are aligned and there is something crawling forth from my screen.



OK. I am so confused

dark and lovely

Holy cow the atmosphere in this one is amazing! Gorgeous, spooky, melancholy, creepy... I loved the art, the space, the ambiance, and the pacing.

I had some trouble figuring out what I was supposed to do at first (not used to puzzles in bitsy games I guess... actually I don't play many games with puzzles in them at all, now that I think about it), but once I understood the basic patterns and expectations things went smoothly. Thanks so much for this!

Thank you!

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I really enjoyed this. I like the ending. It's really peaceful.

I resonated with this game a lot.

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You shit on your own games too much from what I see in the comments and the cat one. I am extremely hard to convince something is good and I'm convinced.   

To be more specific: You expressed a quiet anguish, a whisper most of us ignore and dismiss into a fully fleshed game. You described this anguish entirely, through the brilliant dialogue which has enough content to be thought-provoking but not too much that it becomes inacessible and opressingly depressive audiovisuals. Speaking of dialogue, the first 8 minutes of this game are the best written thing I ever read. I absolutely love the metaphor of ''black hole of personhood'' and the opening sequence was strong and immersive, an abyss pulling you in by starting with a relatable but uncommon setting.  

And you know what they say about abyss.      

I watched a video instead of playing the game so I can't say anything about gameplay, but I was amazed by the ambience, atmosphere and plot you created. Like an innovative piece of philosophy, it's obvious and I wish I thought of it first. There are some parts which I don't see connected to the main theme, such as the frozen coffe cup, but nevertheless remain very interesting to contemplate.

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thank you, you are too kind

this is really excellent

also you can pause and play the audio of the game using the function keys / any key you might use to pause music normally

thank you!

Soft lock after surrendering the sword? Love the aesthetics but really inaccessible gameplay.  

I sort of like it that way. There isn't even much gameplay in there, just wandering around and seeing what happens + a really dumb "puzzle", so idk how it's inaccessible. Glad you liked the visuals, there's a couple of things I'm genuinely kinda proud of in this game, i think.

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Simple enough.  Only hard part was figuring out that to teleport back you need to enter the code in backwards.  Also, unclear if there is any ending besides the one where you give up the sword.  The game seemed very ending-y before the forest-y place, but then you go through a bit and *then* it ends, which was weird.  Not sure if I did something wrong there.  Front door dialogue after the stairs happen is pretty good.  Puzzles and how to solve them were, as mentioned, telegraphed well.  That killing the friendly monsters is probably a kindness is set up effectively.

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Oh, no, that's the only ending there is, sorry. You do have a point, though, there are things about this game that don't fit together too well narratively/conceptually, I just couldn't stand polishing and editing it any longer. Thanks for the response, glad you stuck with it all the way to the end and didn't hate it.


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To be honest, I am actually not completely sure what the game is about and I am pretty sure I didn't manage to complete the game as well XD. I felt that some directions could be given as to where to go and what to do because I got lost while playing the game during the latter part and maybe some voice acting could be done for the characters in the game as I got a little bored reading the texts by the creatures overtime. A little more voice acting could have made the game more enjoyable and more attractive to a player like me instead. This is an interesting game that covers certain concepts about life with very good English XD.

Thank you for reading my comment and I hope that there will be improvements made in your game in the future. :)